Reasons to Join MFWGA

Why Join MFWGA? We Work For You.

  • Networking with and sharing the camaraderie of other growers and winemakers ¬†similarly pursing their passion in the Massachusetts wine industry
  • Opportunities to participate in pooled purchases by the Association and enjoy the benefits of economies of scale
  • Representation with the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism and Culinary Tourism to build awareness and sales of hand-crafted artisan wines
  • Sharing of regulatory, technical and economic information within the association
  • Availability of resources and experienced academic researchers to help with advice on how to build your Massachusetts winery business, saving you valuable time and money
  • Marketing and sales support through events, educational clinics, annual meetings and web presence
  • Active involvement with government officials on Beacon Hill to pass legislation benefiting Massachusetts wineries, starting with the right to ¬†sell our Massachusetts wine at Massachusetts Farmers Markets